Covid-19 Protocols at Berkshire Lakeside Lodge

COVID-19 Update (January 2022): 

Motels are considered an essential business so, YES, we are open to all visitors at this time and have been to essential workers since the pandemic began.  Our staff is well trained in sanitization protocols to ensure customer safety.  We practice contact-less procedures by requiring all registration information via phone.  Upon arrival we will run your credit card, have the door unlocked, and place receipt and keys inside. We will let you know your room number either in our confirmation email or by phone in advance.  We are currently servicing rooms twice a week for those staying longer than a couple days and we work with our clients to determine a convenient time for access as the room must be empty. 

Beginning in March 2022 we will open our breakfast room to guests for a daily muffin and assorted coffee and teas.

Thank you for looking us up!